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Washer Repair in West Covina CA - (626) 313-4333

A washer in need of repair should be treated as soon as possible. There are simply no convenient workarounds when you don't have a working washing machine at home. As a leading West Covina washer repair service provider, we are always willing to help you. We have dealt with endless washer repair jobs and have full confidence that we can assist you.

Any time someone needs a washer repair in West Covina CA and they choose to call us, we first go over a basic diagnosis of the problem on the phone. This gives us insight on what the likely causes are, which makes it easier for us to be readily prepared with the replacement washer parts that you will most likely need. While our vehicles are only stocked with some of the more common parts, we also have quick access to a wide range of washer parts in West Covina CA from local distributors.

Every single washer repair is handled with the utmost care. We manage to uphold a quality reputation in the West Covina CA area as our technicians work with a near no failure rate. If we don't do a repair, it's likely because we told you straight out that it makes more sense financially to replace the appliance. If you accept the cost of washer parts and labor to complete the repair, we would be very grateful to be the ones you choose for your washer repair in West Covina CA.

Does your washer need fixed? If you're in the West Covina CA area, give us a call and we'll quickly come to your aid.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Suppose your washer spins without draining, what could that possibly mean is wrong with your washing machine? If the motor works fine, it's usually the sign of a broken pump belt or a stuck pump pulley. You can tell whether the pump belt has issues by examining it for physical defects. The pulley can be examined by taking the pump out of the washing machine and attempting to rotate it on your own. If it's unable to be moved manually, this means it's stuck in place and needs to be replaced.


Appliance Repair Doctors of West Covina

2531 E Workman Ave, West Covina, CA 91791

(626) 313-4333
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